Metal Roof on a Gambrel Home

June 25, 2015

Recently Schroer & Sons installed a metal roof on a Gambrel style roof.  The usual construction of this particular home required a number of custom, field-formed installation techniques.  See below. Rustic-Shingle-1332

The Gambrel roof transitioned into a more typical pitched style roof.  This unusual roof construction required Schroer & Sons installation crews to form a number of custom designs around the contour of the roof.  The mansard side, with it’s dramatic pitch change, required a carefully installed custom “drip edge” below the lower pitch to transition into the higher pitched mansard.  This causes rainwater to shed off the lower pitch naturally and away from the home.


Off the mansard side, the roof transitions into a more typical gable type roof.  See the picture below.  To accommodate this transition, installation crews fashioned custom metal sidewall flashing under a field-formed ‘j-channel’.  Shingles from the mansard side tuck into j-channel.  The j-channel also flushes rain water into the gutters below.  To keep the sidewall from filling with debris and leave litter, crews created caps to fill in between the sidewall and the shingles.  This ensures water does not get logged behind the shingles and cause damage.


Rustic-Shingle-1356Whether it’s a mansard style roof or any other style, Schroer & Sons metal roofing installation crews are equipped to provide your home with the best looking, longest lasting, most protective roofs available today.  Call a Schroer & Sons metal roofing expert today and schedule a free, no-obligation metal roofing consultation.