Metal Roof in Marysville Ohio

October 1, 2015

Marysville-Rustic-0304The professional installation team at Schroer & Sons Contracting has recently finished another lifetime metal roof in Marysville Ohio.  The homeowner chose our very popular Rustic Shingle for their home, which is a great profile for any style roof.  Rustic Shingle is an aluminum metal roof, stamped with rain grooves to mimic the classic look of wood shake and shed rain from the roof surface.  We think it looks amazing.  Take a minute and browse the pictures below.

Three Reasons Homeowners in Columbus and Marysville Choose Metal Roofing:

If you live in Marysville, Columbus, or anywhere in Central Ohio, there are a long list of reasons why a metal roof from Schroer & Sons is the best option for your next roof.  Here are just a few:

  • Metal looks better.  A metal roof will no streak or stain or fade like asphalt.  It will not break down or peal or tear like asphalt.  Your metal roof will look as good on year 1 as it will on year 30.
  • Metal protects better.  A metal roof offer your home the highest protection against the elements.  Columbus Ohio, Marysville Ohio, these are areas of the country which see all four seasons.  Hot, humid summers, cold, bitter winters.  High winds in the Spring and Fall.  This is life in Ohio.  And it takes a toll on your roof.  You need a roof to protect your home against these wide-ranging and damaging weather conditions.
  • Metal lasts longer.  A metal roof from Schroer & Sons is the last roof you will every put on your home.  Period.  It pays for itself.

As you can see, there are many reasons to homeowners in Columbus and Marysville Ohio to choose metal for their next roof.  Call Schroer & Sons today to schedule a no-obligation, no-pressure roofing consultation and make your home the safest and most beautiful on the block.