A Metal Roof is the Perfect Fit for Deltec Homes

October 15, 2015

One of the most unique and beautiful of all home designs is the Deltec Home.  It’s sometimes called the ‘dome home’ because of its circular design.  Along with being unique, Deltec homes are environmentally friendly, extraordinarily strong, and energy efficient.  No other home design provides the panoramic expanse of windows like Deltec.


Because there is no load bearing walls, floor plans are infinitely customizable.  Some plans feature small, cozy rooms.  Others have large, open spaces.  The floor plan is only limited to a homeowner’s own desires and imagination.

One concern for this home design is roofing.  Typical asphalt roofs don’t match the distinctive look of a Deltec home.  For homeowners wanting to get the most out of their Deltec, metal from Classic Metal Roofing is their best option.  Classic Metal Roofing has been the industry leader in metal roofing since 1980.  Classic’s lifetime metal roofs compliment Deltec’s commitment to energy efficiency, durability, and distinguishing beauty.  Deltec even featured Classic Metal Roofing in a recent article on their website.

Schroer & Sons installation teams recently completed an installation of a Classic Metal Roof on a Deltec home in Southern Ohio.  This home features our Oxford Aluminum Shingle.  This shingle features a clean, low profile look and 4-way interlocking panels to ensure maximum protection from the elements.  Custom hip and valley flashings fit the contour of the Deltec shape and keep water from damaging the home.

Deltec-Oxford-1 Deltec-Oxford-2 Deltec-Oxford-3


For more information of a metal roof for your Deltec home, contact a Schroer & Sons metal roofing consultant today.