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DIY Metal RoofDIY-Steps

Your Project. Your Way. Guaranteed Success.

You’re not like other guys.  You’re a ‘do-it-yourselfer‘.  We get it.  That’s why Schroer & Sons is happy to provide you everything you need for a successful DIY metal roofing installation.  Our four-step installation process guarantees you won’t fail.  From the time you pick up the phone to call to the time your installation is completed, we are here to help.  Here’s how it works.

STEP 1: We Do the Math

The first step toward installing a metal roof on your home is to get you started with the right materials. During Step 1 a Schroer & Sons Metal Roofing Consultant will arrive at your home to take measurements.  We will create the material order for you.  Our consultants have years of experience in measuring and ordering roofing materials.  This way you shouldn’t have any unexpected expenses from ordering too much or too little.

At the conclusion of this meeting, your consultant will provide you with a material list and a tool list.

STEP 2: We Deliver the Roof

The second step is delivery.  We pick up your roofing materials, underlayment, fasteners, everything you will need directly from the manufacturer and drop it off at your door, FREE OF CHARGE!  No need to rent a U-Haul or borrow a trailer.  It’s taken care of.

STEP 3: We Do the Training

The most important step in our DIY program is training.  Schroer & Sons provides on-site installation training for all our DIY customers.  During step 3 a Schroer & Sons Metal Roofing consultant will arrive at your home on the first day of your installation.  He will provide you with up to four hours of detailed, hands-on installation training.

It doesn’t end there.  We are here with additional support throughout the entire process.  If you get in a pinch, we can even send an installation technician to your home to help you out.

STEP 4: You Install the Roof

No matter what, you’ll end up with a successful installation.  That’s our promise.  Not only will you have a great looking roof, you’ll know that you did it yourself and saved yourself thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in talking with someone about a DIY metal roofing installation, fill out the form below.  One of our Metal Roofing Consultants will contact you shortly.

After seeing how our new metal roof was installed, I can understand how it hold up to the most extreme weather conditions... Don H. Sidney, OH