Columbus Homeowners Choose Metal Roofing

December 11, 2014


For the Look.

Homeowners who appreciate asthetics are drawn to metal roofing.  Unlike other roofing options, metal is capable of taking on may different looks. Schroer & Sons offers a large variety of metal roofing options in Columbus. Some profiles mimic wood shakes, others made to look to look like slate. We even metal shingles which mimic clay tile.  Rustic Shingle is our most popular metal roof profile.  It provides the deep grain texture of wood, available in a variety of colors.  See our Rustic Shingle gallery to find which color would match the look of your home.

Each metal roof from Schroer & Sons is coated with the very best paint coat. Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based finishes utilize the very best technology in paint coatings, guaranteeing your roof’s color will never fade or chalk.  This ensures that the roof you paid for looks incredible for decades to come. This is very different from asphalt, which begins to wear, curl, and breakdown the moment it is installed.

For the Life.

Metal roofs are considered lifetime roofs.  It is the last roof you will ever buy.  Asphalt shingles are considered temporary roofs.  The average asphalt roof needs replaced every 10-15 years.  A Schroer & Sons metal roof is made with the finest grade aluminum or steel.  Aluminum is a non-corisive metal, it will never rust or corrode.  This ensures your home will stay protected from the natural wear and tear of wind, rain, snow, and even hail.

For these reasons, a metal roof will pay for itself over the life of your home.  Because you never incur future expenses of having to replace the roof, a metal roof saves you money.  Not only is metal roof the best thing for your home, it is the best thing for your wallet.

For the Protection.

When nature throws her worst at your home, a metal roof will withstand nearly anything. Other roof systems break down in hard rains, driving winds, and damaging hail.  Metal roofs are especially equipped to stand up to harsh weather.  Your metal roof from Schroer & Sons has passed UL 580 Testing, which simulates wind at over 200 mph! It is manufactured to resist damaging hail, passing the UL 2218 Class IV impact waiting, the highest rating for impact resistance.  And, because it is metal, it cannot leak.

The benefits of metal do not stop at natural protection. A metal roof keeps your home safer in the case of a fire. Because metal is non-combustible, it keeps a house fire contained and keeps them from spreading from one house to another.

For the Environment.

Your metal roof from Schroer & Sons is manufactured with 95% recycled material. Rather than strip mining the earth for raw materials, Classic Metal Roofing Systems uses post-consumer aluminum to manufacture your roof.  From the shingles themselves to the ring-shank nails used to hold them in place, your roof is environmentally friendly.

In most circumstances, your metal roof will be installed on top of your asphalt roof. This eliminates the need to fill landfills with non-biodegradable, oil based asphalt shingles. Choosing a metal roof from Schroer & Sons is best for the environment.

 Call Today.

For homeowners in Columbus Ohio, there are many reasons to choose Schroer & Sons for a metal roof. Call today to schedule your free, no-obligation, no-pressure roofing consultation.

Kynar 500® is a registered trademark belonging to Arkema Inc.
Hylar 5000® is a registered trademark belonging to Solvay