A Metal Roof is the Perfect Fit for Deltec Homes

October 15, 2015

One of the most unique and beautiful of all home designs is the Deltec Home.  It’s sometimes called the ‘dome home’ because of its circular design.  Along with being unique, Deltec homes are environmentally friendly, extraordinarily strong, and energy efficient.  No other home design provides the panoramic expanse of windows like Deltec. Because there is no… ( read more )

Metal Roof on a Gambrel Home

June 25, 2015

Recently Schroer & Sons installed a metal roof on a Gambrel style roof.  The usual construction of this particular home required a number of custom, field-formed installation techniques.  See below. The Gambrel roof transitioned into a more typical pitched style roof.  This unusual roof construction required Schroer & Sons installation crews to form a number of custom designs around… ( read more )