A Metal Roof is the Perfect Fit for Deltec Homes

October 15, 2015

One of the most unique and beautiful of all home designs is the Deltec Home.  It’s sometimes called the ‘dome home’ because of its circular design.  Along with being unique, Deltec homes are environmentally friendly, extraordinarily strong, and energy efficient.  No other home design provides the panoramic expanse of windows like Deltec. Because there is no… ( read more )

Metal Roof On Tectum

October 8, 2015

File this article under technical.   A seasoned roofer is rarely surprised.  While no two roofs are exactly the same, a roof is a roof.  Residential roofing is generally comprised of five things: decking, valleys, hips, gables, and ridges.  Other than the occasional unusual penetration, most roofs are fairly straightforward.  Occasionally, we encounter something unusual. … ( read more )

Metal Roof in Marysville Ohio

October 1, 2015

The professional installation team at Schroer & Sons Contracting has recently finished another lifetime metal roof in Marysville Ohio.  The homeowner chose our very popular Rustic Shingle for their home, which is a great profile for any style roof.  Rustic Shingle is an aluminum metal roof, stamped with rain grooves to mimic the classic look of wood shake and shed rain from the… ( read more )